A&BC Gum – BATMAN – Bat Laffs 1965 – 4 Different Chewing Gum Cards – #batman #catwoman #joker

Photographs from the 1960s cult TV show ‘Batman’. Stills of Batman, Robin, The Riddler, The Joker and Catwoman 

A&BC Gum 1965 – BATMAN – BAT LAFFS 4 different cards 20, 22, 23, 34

See the images below to judge condition

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A&BC Gum – BATMAN – Bat Laffs 1965 – 4 Different Chewing Gum Cards (lot 5)

4 cards featuring photographs of Adam West, Burt Ward and the supporting cast of the1960s TV series ‘Batman’

These chewing gum cards are the ‘Printed in England’, A&BC cards – All the cards are in good condition  

Job Lot Gum Cards x 8 cards – A&BC, Somportex, Topps – Battle, Danger Man, Flags, Bay City Rollers #gumcards

Job Lot of Gum Cards from 1960s and 1970s

mixed_cards_2 mixed_cards_1
Somportex, John Drake Danger Man – 41
A&BC, Flags of the World (large size) – 27, 38, 46, 70
A&BC, Battle – 24
Topps, Planet of the Apes -12
Topps, Bay City Rollers – 62
See images for condition and brand

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Danger Man (titled Secret Agent in the United States, and Destination Danger and John Drake in other non-UK markets) is a British television series which was broadcast between 1960 and 1962, and again between 1964 and 1968. The series featured Patrick McGoohan as secret agent John Drake. Ralph Smart created the programme and wrote many of the scripts. Danger Man was financed by Lew Grade’s ITC Entertainment.
Danger Man. (2017, September 11). In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 10:33, September 14, 2017, from https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.phptitle=Danger_Man&oldid=800027596

Flags of the World A&BC Gum Cards – Small Size – 9 different cards – #gumcards #flags

flags-of_the_world_ sml_1flags-of_the_world_ sml_2 9 different Flags of the World A&BC Gum Cards – Small Size

Most with sharp corners and clean backs – good cards
12, 16, 20, 23, 29, 32, 60, 71, 80

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Bideford business deal – fix within 36 hours – #ndevon #bideford #green

Bideford green web deal

Bideford is a thriving market town that contains traditional and forward thinking businesses, a working port and a covered Pannier Market, dating from 1883, which holds a market every Tuesday and Saturday. Bideford is fortunate to have a fantastic Museum and Art Gallery (which also contains a Tourist Information Center) located near the center and waterside of the town. The permanent collection contains nearly 350 pieces of mainly West Country slipware pottery and other ceramics.

If you have a business located in this area and need web services quickly we can usually update, fix or produce content for your business website within 36 hours.

Contact us for a FREE quote

We are based in North Devon, (UK) – we provide a web site updating service. We will update your site, even if we didn’t design it in the first place. There is nothing worse than a web site that contains out of date information….this gives the buying public the wrong impression.

The web hosting industry has a negative impact on the environment due to the energy hungry servers that are used to keep the Internet fuelled. We can all try to limit the impact where possible and hosting on a green server is a step in the right direction. More and more people are buying from carbon ethical companies – tackling climate change is an important criteria.
The websites we host are powered by 100% wind energy.
The machines hosting our main site site and e-mail are fully eco-friendly! As energy awareness continues to grow, people are not just looking to make lifestyle adjustments, they want to make environmentally responsible decisions, power by renewable energy!

Contact North Devon Web for details on how to make your business website more in tune with today’s responsible business (moral and environmental) obligations.

North Devon Web belongs to a network of websites that host in a green way.

North Devon Web is helping to prevent the release of 2,660 metric tons of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere each year by hosting on ‘Green Servers’ – as a result, the network’s energy efficiency is equivalent to planting approximately 2,390 acres of trees, not driving 6.1 million miles, or removing 510 cars from the road.