Thursday Night is Burger Night – Gluten Free Burger – Specials at The Royal Oak – #thursday #burger #york

Thursday Night is Burger Night at The Royal Oak

All our burgers are made in our kitchen from fresh minced beef, specially prepared by our butcher.  We only use rice flour in our burgers so without the bun they are gluten free.

Burger and a drink for £11.95

  1.  Homemade, seasoned lamb burger.
  2.  Homemade, seasoned beef burger.
  3.  Cajun chicken breast burger.
  4.  Freshly made falafel burger.
  5.  Holme Farm venison burger.

All served with our freshly fried chips, salad, mayonnaise and onion rings.

Choose from two delicious toppings from:

  1.  Cheese
  2.  Bacon
  3.  Caramelised Onions
  4.  Brie
  5.  Black Pudding
  6.  Fried Egg
  7.  Mushrooms.

Then choose a drink:

  1. Bottle of Hobgoblin
  2. Stowford Press
  3.  Budweiser
  4. Coca Cola
  5. Sprite

Tips on making your own burgers:

  1.  Always use fine quality minced meat
  2.  After adding your seasoning and herbs, add a fresh egg and mix in thoroughly, making sure the egg is distributed evenly throughout the minced meat
  3.  The mixture must be ‘sticky’.  If there is too much moisture in the mix when made into a burger, the burger will break up during cooking
  4.  Add flour to stiffen the mix if it is to ‘sloppy’. We use rice flour, this makes our burgers gluten free. The flour and egg help to bind the mixture, helping to create the perfect burger.