Blog charts for Design – WordPress site ranked number four is a top design blog

Ebuzzing - Top Blogs - DesignThis design / art blog has been ranked number 4 in a top UK blog chart for May 2013

The blog ranking of Morgue Gallery has been calculated by ebuzzing, based on various parameters which includes the network of links to our blog coming in from other blogs and shares of our articles and posts on facebook, Twitter etc.

Society of Independent Artists Aquetin carried out an experiment studying the light passing through the colored panes of glass in his veranda. Bernard wrote and commented on this experiment, ‘Aquetin observed the light streaming through the coloured panes of a glazed door and noticed … Continue reading → 

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Number 2 in the top marketing blog charts ? is number 2 in the Marketing blog charts on ebuzzing for May 2013

Wikio - Top Blogs - Online marketing Being in the blog charts is a massive reward for everyone who has helped and contributed to this blog. We are still looking for writers to contribute to this growing blog. Contact us if you would like your work to be featured.

What is the best marketing strategy for your business?

You could employ a scatter-gun approach to your marketing by trying a little of everything. This is the strategy of a desperate person – some marketing ploys simple do not work for certain sectors and in many cases can create a negative response. You have to be selective.

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#business #blog – Top 25

Technorati  tracks the most influential bloggers in the blogosphere

Technorati was indexing 112.8 million blogs and over 250 million pieces of tagged social media by June 2008. Technorati can crudely be described a blog search engine the hunts out the most influential blog sites that are written in English. The name Technorati is a blend of the words ‘technology’ and ‘literati’, which implies technological intelligence or intellectualism. Today we are very happy to report that Sitemaps-XML is in the top 25 blogs, according to the Technorati charts for ‘Business’.

Contact us for a FREE marketing quote and enhance the power of your blog is in top 100 = #WordPress blog

A blog that is managed by one of the top WordPress wranglers in the South West of England is in the top 100 best blogs for Small Business.

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The smarter businesses outsource their blog content generation to companies who know how to extract the biggest impact with the least amount of words. Contact a  UK based company that has been dealing with … Continue reading →

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