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Crystal Set - who needs the internet? by This Window is a site that has been specializing in creating navigation solutions for websites for several years, their expertise has helped several floundering web based companies. They have now decided to convert to WordPress and create a general blog commenting on various subjects from SEO to Real Estate. Their client base is continuing to grow organically so the need for a ‘point of sale’ website is no longer necessary and has been archived.

It is important to make sure your site is easy to navigate and intuitive for your visitors.

How the visitor to your business website navigates around your pages influences their decision on whether to visit a competitor or purchasing your goods or services from your website. If the site is too difficult to navigate the potential customer might never return again. You need to make your navigation links (text or images) as obvious as possible and it is imperative that there is a degree of continuity of color and form so that the user can easily get what they want intuitively. These simple steps will help you to achieve your goals.

Our team can provide a full range of services that will help you to chase sales.

Community centre is bulldozed

There is profit in land but apparently no value in community.

Derelict public spaces are a common sight within small villages and towns around the UK. It seems to be impossible to keep these meeting places financially viable – they were once used as venues for parties, wedding receptions, exhibitions and discos but now that age as gone. “Essex County Council has sent bulldozers to the site… Read more

Essex County Council is the county council that governs the non-metropolitan county of Essex in England. It has 75 councillors, elected from 70 divisions, and is currently controlled by the Conservative Party. The council meets at County Hall in the centre of Chelmsford.

As of the 2011 census it serves a population of 1,393,600, which makes it one of the largest local authorities in England. As a non-metropolitan county council, responsibilities are shared between districts (including boroughs) and in many areas also between civil parish (including town) councils. Births, marriages/civil partnerships and death registration, roads, libraries and archives, refuse disposal, most of state education, of social services and of transport are provided at the county level.

Right Surveyors in Essex and North East London undertake various types of general practice surveying work, including Schedules of Condition and Dilapidation, Single Fault Assessments, Major Elements Surveys and Full Building Surveys.

Targeted Newsletters

The newsletter below is from a targeted mail strategy – Can you guess what it is?

Class Study reveals the Poshest places in Britain – Is your town teeming with Precariats or the reserve of the Elite?
The BBC and the ONS have both recently released the results of their class surveys, sparking a rethink about how Britons classify themselves. The Beeb believes there are now seven distinct class ‘brackets’, ranging from ‘Preceriat’ to ‘Elite’. What class are you and your home town?
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A Month of Firsts – First Ever Neighbourhood Plan Referendum / First Council Promoted Planning Act 2008 Scheme
In an exciting month for planning, communities and local democracy, we look at two major firsts that are paving the way for further progress…
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Tougher Stance on Social Housing Introduced to Control Immigration Issues
The Prime Minister has laid out a number of changes to Social Housing and the way Private Landlords must ‘vet’ potential tenants. We discuss the changes below in the context of potentially hundreds of thousands more immigrants entering the nation as restrictions on Bulgaria and Romania are lifted…
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Companies that attempt to generate sales entirely through indiscriminate direct mail, cold calling or email campaigns are going to find the going tough. Unique leads for your niche market are the best leads. You stand a better chance of getting the positive response by targeting the people who really need your product.

An email campaign that is linked to a company newsletter, sent to customers and prospects is a common marketing strategy, which can have benefits, provided it is a regularly distributed and the publication is generally on one main focused topic, that is of interest to its subscribers.

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