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South Molton FOOD FEST- Sunday 29 March 2015 #ndevon #devon

South Molton Food Fest – Sunday 29 March 2015 in  the Pannier Market

south_molton_food_fest_flyer_final_draftOn Sunday 29 March, the South Molton Business Association (SMBA) will be hosting the town’s first Food Fest, in The Pannier Market.

 The event will use the successful North Devon Food Fest as a model.  So expect loads of food and drink stalls, showcasing both fresh produce as well as many different delicious cooked foods, be that hog roasts, curries, or traditional fayre such as breads, pies and pastries.  As well as a plethora of savouries the aim is to fill the market with stalls selling mouth watering cakes, biscuits, and fruit filled jams and spicy chutneys.  And as the area is fortunate to have cider and fruit juice producers, there will be the opportunity to try a real Devon tipple and locally produced ales.

SMBA is a non profit making organisation, but any funds raised by the Food Fest, as with all the other events we run, will be ploughed back into the local community.


To book and secure your stall for Sunday 29 March South Molton Food, please complete the attached form.  Either post the form enclosing a cheque payable to “South Molton Business Association” or email the form and pay by BACS with the reference “Food fest”.  Full details on timings etc will be sent with receipts.

Prices for one day in the pannier market are inclusive of table hire:

10′ frontage  =  £30.00                    20′ frontage  =  £60.00                          Electricity = £5.00

2015-Food-Fest-Booking-Form (1) (word document)

Down load flyerx4

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North Devon + – Free Customer Service Training #devon #ndevon #business

25% of local employers felt they lost business or orders to competitors due to a skills gap, (where someone is not fully proficient in their role). Particularly in customer services.

Therefore North Devon + have secured monies from the European Social Fund to offer free in-work development of customer service skills for 20 eligible businesses. This training is worth up to £1,250 and will take place in the low season to enable seasonal workers or tourism-related businesses to take part.

To be eligible you must be a sole trader or employee aged 19 or above. Women and those aged fifty plus are particularly welcome.
Places are limited to 20. Contact North Devon + for details.