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We have just set up a Facebook page

Facebook had automatically created a page for System Culture Limited so we thought we should stake our claim…

What is Social Media and how can business it?

1: Social Media Means Social Networking
Social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, have become great resources for finding new customers. But to get these networks (especially Twitter) to work to your advantage, networking is crucial. Your prospective clients search for companies with similar interests and services to their own and support them by “following” them or “liking” them. The idea is that those companies will return the favour — ultimately leading traffic to both sites, and helping each company grow.

2: Update, Update, Update
The World Wide Web is more dynamic than ever these days, which means it’s becoming more and more important that your clients are frequently updating their sites. Fresh content keeps people coming back for more. Facebook fan pages need daily new content, and interactive websites such as a blog should be updated at least 3 to 4 times a week. While this may sound aggressive, clients will benefit by recognizing the importance of keeping their site content fresh — without it, people will stop visiting.

The smarter businesses outsource their blog content generation to companies who know how to extract the biggest impact with the least amount of words.

There are many pitfalls to maintaining your blog profile, an out of date blog sends out the wrong signals to your clients – have you gone bust?

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North Devon + – Free Customer Service Training #devon #ndevon #business

25% of local employers felt they lost business or orders to competitors due to a skills gap, (where someone is not fully proficient in their role). Particularly in customer services.

Therefore North Devon + have secured monies from the European Social Fund to offer free in-work development of customer service skills for 20 eligible businesses. This training is worth up to £1,250 and will take place in the low season to enable seasonal workers or tourism-related businesses to take part.

To be eligible you must be a sole trader or employee aged 19 or above. Women and those aged fifty plus are particularly welcome.
Places are limited to 20. Contact North Devon + for details.

South Molton Business Association (SMBA) confirms its Executive team #ndevon #devon #business

South Molton Business Association (SMBA) Executive team for the coming year are:


David WalkerChair
Andy ClarkeVice Chair
Tryphena HuntingdonSecretary
Georgie Cotton Treasurer
Susi AtkinsonPR and Marketing
John White
Christine Thake

David Walker said:

“We are looking forward to a busy year, and have a number of initiatives in our sights.  We are already working with South Molton Community College on a project encouraging business innovation in its students, to encourage the Richard Bransons or Karen Bradys of the next generation!  

As South Molton’s calendar of event continues to grow, we have pledged to help the various organisers, as we know just how much goes into getting these established.  But such events help everyone, by keeping South Molton’s profile high.  We also hope to help develop a loyalty card for the town and of course will be asking our members what other projects they would like to see SMBA become involved in over the coming year.”  

Read more here…

For further information about this press release, please contact Susi Atkinson, Atkinson PR at or on (01598) 740628 or 07505 993234.

Winter Wonderland 2014

Following two Winter Wonderland meetings held between SMBA and the group led by Rev Andrew Jones and Market Manager Peter Stanford, it has become apparent that there is much in common but also key areas of divergence.

South Molton Town Council had required both parties to work jointly on organising the event, following a take-over bid from Messrs Jones and Stanford for the Winter Wonderland late night shopping event, which had been run successfully by SMBA.

However, prior to the first meeting, Rev Jones wrote to SMBA listing ‘non negotiable’ conditions regarding the Winter Wonderland.

David Walker, Chair of SMBA explained:

“Despite this, we continued to meet, hoping that common ground could be identified, for the good of the town. However following last week’s meeting it became apparent that this is not achievable. SMBA’s Executive Committee has therefore unanimously decided to stand back as co-organisers for 2014.”

He continued:

“We do of course have a great depth of knowledge and experience in organising the highly successful Winter Wonderland weekend. SMBA have therefore offered to make ourselves available to the new committee for advice or assistance, as we are keen that the promotion of South Molton continues from previous events. We also wish them every success with the night”.

For further information about this press release, please contact Susi Atkinson, Atkinson PR at or on (01598) 740628 or 07505 993234.