The perfect Sunday Roast #sundaylunch #york

The Sunday Roast is probably the meal that is closest to our hearts…

Sunday Lunch is a bit like Christmas Day, an occasion when family and friends gather together and eat and chat, relax and have fun.


What about the cook?..

A good Sunday roast can be one of the hardest challenges for any kitchen. The traditional Sunday roast of  meat and veg, unlike restaurant style dishes, doesn’t involve over complicated or fancy techniques and sauces. There is nowhere to hide, everybody knows what a good Sunday Roast should taste like and if you make a mess of it everybody will know.

To deliver a consistent roast is a skill, a skill that our chef has mastered. He won’t tell us how he does it and he won’t tell us his secrets but we have been watching him…

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Tips on cooking beef:

  1.  A fatty beef  joint creates lots of juices to baste the joint with and is excellent if mixed with your gravy.
  2.  If the joint is lean rub a little oil into it.
  3.  If you want to serve 6-8 people and you want to have some left over, you’ll need a piece weighing approximately 5-6 lb (2.25-2.75 kg).
  4.  Pre-heat the oven to gas mark 9, 475°F (240°C).
  5.  Put the meat into the oven turned down to gas mark 5, 375°F (190°C) and cook it for 15 minutes to the pound (450 g).
  6.  You can place your roast on a bed of onions or other root vegetables.
  7.  Season with salt and pepper, herbs, even sprigs rosemary, which can be removed before serving.
  8.  Always serve with a rich gravy and Yorkshire Puddings.

Sunday Roast at the Royal Oak York

Why not come and join us for a traditional Sunday Lunch and enjoy our classic roast beef and roast pork, served with our tasty Old Peculier gravy and Yorkshire Pudding.

We pride ourselves in using only the freshest and best quality ingredients in our restaurant food. Read more…

You can now book a table online via our website

One course £10.95, two for £14. 20 and three for £18.50

The Royal Oak offers locally sourced, home cooked food. We also stock a fine selection of real ales in our cellar, which we serve in our bar.