The Sampler #05 with Finish the Story

Zig Zag SEPT 1981

The End..? I’m still shell-shocked. Finish The Story‘s debut gig was better than the second coming of Jesus Christ. Hastily flung together four weeks ago for this gig, they were raw, powerful and exciting. They’re a three-piece band from such diverse Islands of Aptitude as Bromsgrove, Bristol and Evesham.

Fronted by the blonde and the beautiful Nicola (the Evesham ingredient, hostess at the notorious Vauxhall Inn), they skipped through a short set of six embryonic classics. The drum machine went places no drum machine has been before, Gary etched lines in the air on his keyboards (I thought he was touching em .. Mick Mercer), Pete murdered his rabid guitar in true Bauhaus style, and above it all Nicola’s vocals soared clear and sane.

She bounced and bopped through the catchy “Chant of the Boxed-in Society”, caused a major emotional earthquake with “Apparently He Couldn’t Hear Me”, bounded through “Inspiration Didn’t Come Today” and “Alone With A Picture In A Matchstick Frame”, forgot the words to “The Dodgy Concept”, and . finally ended with “Playing At Life”.

They left. the audience happy, if a little confused, Through the last two songs a video of unsurpassed excellence played. They were wonderful. What more can I say?

Next band up were Evesham’s own Dancing. Did..(Cut!…. Ed).



Collecting Easter eggs and telephone answer machine messages, a video that has taken 20 years to compile.


BBC online . September 2005 – a fresh look back at the early days as guitarist with ‘Finish The Story’. Click Here

This Window – BBC Radio 30th September 2005 Finish The Story – Friday Session interview . (2 mins 42 secs. Realplayer.)

Robert Rauschenberg

‘Walk Away or Jump’

The image of the man holding the fish was taken in Cuba in 1999. We were staying in a beach complex. The canteen that feed us all ran out of food. A handful of us hired a boat to try and catch some fish. The red snapper in the photograph was caught by me and was quickly converted into a meal. Ironically I am highly allergic to fish and could therefore not eat it.

Inspired by a cliff walk with one of Robert Rauschenberg’s assistants in 1979. During 1979 I was in a band called ‘The Urge’, who were discovered by an A&R man from Beggars Banquet Records, who saw us play at my degree show at Exeter College of Art. We ended up supporting ‘Bauhaus’, ‘Adam and the Ants’, ‘The Pack’ and many other Post Punk heroes. We were offered a record contract and the A&R man became our manager and Rauschenberg’s former assistant also became an important member of our team.

I lived near Exmouth and often walked across the beach and along the cliffs – this time I was accompanied by Rauschenberg’s assistant who had been staying with me. At the highest point he confessed his love for me, which was a bit of a shock and I replied ‘I’m sorry but I prefer women”. The implications of this encounter still roll around in my brain. ‘Walk Away or Jump’. This was possibly one of the major turning points in my life – what did I turn down? Fame, fortune?

What is Painting?

Contemporary artists have extended the boundaries of painting considerably to include;  collage, different materials such as sand, cement, straw or wood for their texture. Juxtaposing images and materials, either as a collage, printing or painting is not simply a decorative process it is a complicated exercise.… Continue reading →